Success Stories

Suffered from an ongoing knee problem for over two years, visited GP, Consultant Surgeon, had private and hospital physio with no improvement.

Since going to Gregor, I have had steady improvement and am now much more mobile and am no longer using pain killers.

Thank you Gregor

Trevor Lartice

I’ve seen Gregor for myself and my daughter. I managed to put my back out when training and Gregor very quickly assessed me and reassured me that it was nothing major which was a huge relief. He then treated me with massage and acupuncture to great effect.

He has a friendly way about him, has a great sense of humour, and more importantly is very very knowledgeable which is so comforting. He also treated my daughter who got painful knees from horse riding and was quick to suggest referring her to the GP to get an x-ray.

I cannot recommend his services highly enough.

Lou Ramsay

As a professional dancer and teacher, Gregor showed great expertise and sensitivity when treating my injury. He offered excellent treatment and also provided me with sound advice to aide a fast recovery and most importantly, prevention for the future.

Lyndsey McConville

I came to see Gregor with a very painful lower back problem. Initially I was apprehensive, but Gregor has a very professional manner and he made me feel right at ease. My condition was resolved completely after 3 sessions, and Gregor gave me numerous exercises to use at home to avoid similar back issues arising in the future. I would definitely recommend Gregor as a physio, magic hands!

Fiona Judd

I cannot recommend Gregor’s services enough. From someone who spends very little time looking after themselves (juggling multiple jobs, lots of travel and being a mum) I regularly find myself in need of some expert advice and help to correct several back and neck issues driven by stress. Gregor always manages to both see me within a period of incredibly short notice, which is essential when in such pain, to then immediately cure my issues but also offer practical advice on long term care which has been a massive help too.

Kate Jaggers

Gregor has been treating me for arthritis and stress for over a year, and during that time he has always managed to make time for me regularly and sometimes at ultra-short notice. The acupuncture is very helpful and eases pain, tension and stress. Go see, he’s friendly and caring and very accommodating.

Moira Riordan

I recently went to see Gregor at Physio117 to receive treatment for post-concussion symptoms of headaches. He was very exact in determining how my symptoms were occurring through a thorough diagnostic interview and examination. He conducted some tests to check my neurological responses then my range of movement. He then did some freeing up of stiff joints and some deep tissue massage. I could feel the difference immediately. He realised that I had a lot of stiffness in my neck and performed acupuncture on the pressure points associated. Since then I had been much better and have returned to playing basketball for the Sevenoaks Suns Men’s team. I was really pleased with the treatment; I felt that the clinic was extremely clean and had a peaceful atmosphere.

Gregor is very professional and is extremely personable making it comfortable receiving the treatment.

Thanks again Gregor! I shall be recommending you to other sports team mates and also work colleagues.

Carlos Henry

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