Sports injury Rehab

  • Do you feel like your injury is affecting your life?
  • Are you sick of being in pain?
  • Do you waste time hoping it will get better?
  • Are you making it worse by continuing to train?
  • Do you wish you had a clear action plan to reduce your pain and return to exercise?

At Physio117 we are solely focused on you and improving your health and fitness, not just solving the pain. We look at the whole package, from lifestyle and stress levels, to fitness, posture and even gait analysis, and deliver a long-term solution to reducing your pain.

Our Physiotherapist is experienced, highly qualified and passionate about helping people move better, look/feel better and perform better. Incorporating manual therapy/hands-on treatment, with lifestyle analysis, exercise prescription and postural analysis, we aim to solve the root of the problem not just the symptoms. We also like to look at ways to keep you in the best possible health to prevent re-injury.

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